The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge consists of 16 boys from ages 9-13 who are students at King’s College School and 14 male undergraduates from King’s College. The organ is usually played by undergraduates from King’s College. This video has had over 2 million views.

THE SEARCH FOR TUTANKHAMUN93 years ago on February 16, 1923 the English archeologist Howard Carter entered the burial chamber of King Tutankhamun (reigned c. 1332-1323 BC) in the Valley of the Kings; Thebes, Egypt. This one hour BBC video (with Arabic subtitles) dramatizes that amazing discovery.King Tut's Mask

The Sanctus (Latin: Sanctus, “Holy”) is a hymn from Chalcedonian Christian liturgy. It may also be called the epinikios hymnos (Greek: ἐπινίκιος ὕμνος, “Hymn of Victory”) when referring to the Greek rendition.