About Early Church History

Early ChurchWelcome! We’re glad you found us. This site is for anyone interested in learning more about the first three centuries of the Christian Church. The editor has spent thousands of hours over many years researching and writing about this period. While the body of information is obviously too vast to capture in a single site, here you’ll be able to grow in knowledge regardless of where you start. Read the editor’s posts and other expert articles, dive into the research, tour the gallery, watch the videos and contribute comments. You’ll be transported to one of the most fascinating and important periods in history—The Ancient Roman Empire—and glean, understand the foundations of the Christian faith in a new perspective. We hope you will keep returning and be gratified by what you’re discovering on each trip. That’s why we’re here. Enjoy your visit.

About the Editor

Sandra SweenySandra Sweeny Silver is a researcher, historian and writer of fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics from gardening, cooking, beekeeping, religion and ancient history. She has published numerous articles and eight books including Footprints in Parchment: Rome Versus Christianity 30313 AD and The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Herod. Sandy’s interest in the early church was inspired by a 2002 trip to the catacombs in Rome. While exploring the iconography she realized that she needed to connect with the experience of the earliest Christians, and so this journey began. FIP Cover

FOOTPRINTS IN PARCHMENT: Rome vs Christianity 30-313 AD  tackles the question: How did a group of Christians with no homeland and no standing army defeat the juggernaut of ancient Rome? Using hundreds of first-hand accounts of events, Footprints in Parchment guides the reader through the rise and the reach of Imperial Rome to its eventual ruin and rescue by the infant Christian Church.Herod Cover

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE HOUSE OF HEROD chronicles the founder of the House of Herod, Antipater, and follows his sons, grandson and great-grandson as they grapple with and fail to hold on to the legacy Antipater bequeathed them. For the first time in one book all the Herods and Agrippas in the Bible and in Josephus are back to back with each other, and the reader will finally be able to separate them all.


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